Animal Crossing New Horizons: Are We Getting a Valentine’s Day Event?

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Animal Crossing New Horizons comes with plenty of surprises for us, and we’re expecting two great events to take place soon. One of them is about Valentine’s Day, and the other one is Nature Day. Of course, Valentine’s Day does not have a special calendar date in the game, but you can still feel the love in the game.

When is it taking place?

Valentine’s Day is taking place on the 14th of February. That’s when the specific content will be accessible, as well.

Why Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day has at its origins the celebration of Saint Valentine. But nowadays, it’s more about the celebration of love and romance. It’s not a real event in the game technically, but you can still decorate it and make it the best island in the game. Can you already feel the love? The items introduced are amazing, and should definitely not be missed.

What are the items?

These items are exclusive, and you can buy them through Nook Shopping at the Resident Services Building. You can get:

  • Heart-shaped bouquet for 1200 bells
  • Chocolate heart for 1200 bells

As of now, that’s all we’re getting for Valentine’s Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We’re sad there’s no actual event, maybe with some rewarding tasks, but we’re still happy we can decorate our islands with love. Make sure you check out more events coming soon, including Museum Day, Nature Day and May Day.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a simulation game that was released in 2020. It was both developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch. This game is the fifth one from the Animal Crossing series.

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