GTA Online to Receive a Big Update Soon

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Several people playing GTA Online think the next big update will happen on July 19, 2022. This rumor started because the existing GTA+ benefits will end on July 18, 2022. This membership usually lasts for a whole month, so the fact that it ended for no reason on July 18 has confused some gamers.

Usually, there are two big updates to GTA Online every year. It did get the next-gen update earlier this year, but that was different from the normal updates that come out every two years in terms of new content. Now, the only question is whether or not this new update will come to the old-gen consoles.

When will the update be available?

As of now, it’s not certain that the next big update will come on July 19. All of it is just rumors that sound true. In the same way, there is no solid evidence about what the next update might be.

Many players think that there will be an update in the future that has to do with Michael De Santa. In the past, the voice actor hinted at the idea, but what’s more important about this rumor is that some info was found about something on a movie set. Those who managed to finish GTA 5 should know that Michael works in movies now, so it’s likely that he would be part of this kind of update.

Last year, Franklin came back to GTA Online for a lot of praise. Even though not much is known right now about this supposed movie DLC, players shouldn’t be amazed to see it in the future.

Another person who claimed to know a lot about GTA 6 and GTA Online made some bold claims about them. In the last part, it was said that Rockstar would add Liberty City and the long-rumored Cops ‘n Crooks game mode to the game world. He even said that there might be 20 new radio stations, one of which would be called “Carcer Soul FM.”

The thing is that it might not be true. When the GTA Trilogy was first revealed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of GTA III, it was said that you could explore Liberty City. However, that didn’t happen.

Still, even if the chance is small, it could happen again in the future. The last big update was on December 15, 2021, which was a long time ago.

If the rumors are true, the next update will come out soon, but no one knows what it will be. It could be either of these two leaks, or it could be something else.

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