Scrapped VR Halo Game: Images Have Surfaced Online

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Several screenshots and screenshot details from a scrapped VR Halo game have appeared on the internet. The Halo universe stretches far and wide. Despite the fact that it started as a simple Xbox launch game, it has now grown into a global entertainment property. Halo novels, written by Bungie and Microsoft, extended the universe by introducing new characters and plotlines while also introducing additional adventures for Master Chief and his friends. Halo: Reach, despite its contentious deviations from canon, is nonetheless a significant piece of intellectual property. At one time, the series was extended with a movie, but that project was eventually shelved, and the show went on to have its own Paramount+ TV series. Arcade games based on Halo are available all over the world.

In a fresh leak, Halo was close to making the switch to virtual reality. The Halo VR game was close to being released in 2017, according to Rebs Gaming. 343 Industries was looking at the idea, but decided to abandon it owing to the difficulty of making VR games and the small user base. It seems that none of the developers examined by 343 had a strong enough business case to proceed with developing the game.

Although no plot specifics have been revealed, it seems that the graphics released from an internal pitch include Master Chief in some way. In addition to the jet pack, the game has various other novel methods for navigating VR environments. However, there has been a video that seems to be a mod for a Halo game that shows what would be possible if a true Halo game was produced utilizing VR.

Xbox has shown skepticism about virtual reality, so it’s doubtful this will ever be built. Xbox may rethink VR if PlayStation VR2 is a huge success, in which case a Halo VR game is very certainly in the works. Whatever the case may be, it seems like something that fans would eagerly welcome considering the many opportunities for a Halo VR experience.

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