Heists in GTA Online: What Cars to Use to Get Out Alive

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In GTA Online, heist missions are an essential part of the game. They are probably the most fun and popular way to make money and RP in the game, and most players really like them. But heist missions usually take a long time because they require a lot of planning and setting up ahead of time.

Taking all of this into account, the choice of vehicle is often what makes or breaks a heist. If you’ve ever been confused about which car is best, then we’re here to tell you what to choose.

Armored Kuruma

If speed is what you’re after, Armored Kuruma might be your best choice. It moves fast enough to get away from the police, and it can handle gunfire from the enemy. Some might say that how well a mission is done determines whether it succeeds or fails.

It has windows that can’t be shot through. If you shoot at them, they just leave bullet holes. Also, the thin panels on the vehicle keep the player from getting a lot of damage.

Armored Kuruma doesn’t bend when it crashes, and its wheels can’t be damaged by crashes. Also, the Armored model is less likely to spin out because it is easier to control than the standard model. It is one of the best for driving off-road, and its good grip makes it the best choice for going up hills.

NightShark HVY

The Nightshark is an armored SUV with four doors that were added to GTA Online in the Gunrunning update. Ever since then, it has become a popular option among many players.

For an armored car of this size, the Nightshark does pretty well. It is easy to control, so it can be used on curves, and it has excellent acceleration and top speed. But it tends to understeer when turning quickly.

The Nightshark is immune to explosives and can take up to four rockets. It can also withstand up to 27 homing missiles when fully upgraded, making it one of the most brutal cars in the game.

Weaponized Tampa

The Gunrunning update to GTA Online added a two-door militarized car called Weaponized Tampa. Since it is one of the fastest armed vehicles, it does a little better than its defenseless counterpart.

Even though the all-wheel powertrain doesn’t handle as well as the regular model, it is very responsive on rough roads, bumps, and uneven terrain. However, this makes the car oversteer at medium speeds. Because it is so heavy, it is the best choice for smashing into vehicles with the same or less weight.

It has a strong body, and it also has a minigun that points forward. But, like most machine guns on ground vehicles, the minigun can only aim ahead and has the same fighting capabilities as any mounted minigun.

The vehicle can be upgraded to have two rotatable miniguns that cover a 360-degree area and can only be raised between -10 and 20 degrees. This makes the car very dangerous to enemies.


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