Apple’s Upcoming Watch Series 8 Could Take Your Thermometer’s Role

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Many Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the new Watch Series 8 smartwatch of the company to land this fall, and we can surely understand them. The tech behemoth headquartered in Cupertino promises some impressive things that its next smartwatch is supposedly capable of.

Having a smart tool on your wrist to quickly tell you crucial info about your health, such as your blood sugar level or your blood pressure, is becoming more than just a caprice nowadays. Such a device can surely be useful to anyone, and Apple will once again provide a powerful smartwatch later this year. Furthermore, why not expand even more the range of useful features that a smartwatch can bring? Apple has a decent history of manufacturing smartwatches that started seven years ago, so we shouldn’t believe even for a second that the brand isn’t capable of much more than it did already.

You can use Apple Watch Series 8 to see if you have a fever

According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly be featuring a body temperature sensor. Don’t expect it to do the job just as well as a real thermometer from your doctor’s office, though, but it can still suspect if you have a fever! If needed, the smartwatch will then recommend you to see a doctor or properly check your temperature using a real thermometer.

Another downside is that the body temperature sensor still needs to go through some internal testing. If the tests say that the sensor qualifies, we’ll probably see it on more than just one smartwatch built by Apple.

In the COVID era where the world still is, unfortunately, checking your fever has become a very important thing. But since you can’t do it all the time, a smartwatch that always stays glued to your wrist may surely solve the issue, at least if it “feels” that you’re burning.

Apple will most likely launch its new Apple Watch Series 8 along with the iPhone 14 flagship lineup. Since we know that iPhone 14 should normally come out in September, we can’t expect the Apple Watch Series 8 to land later.

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