The Camera Bump of the iPhone 14 Pro Model Will Be Larger Than Expected

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The iPhone 14 lineup is on its way to the market. Apple’s upcoming flagship for 2022 is expected to launch later in the year. The lineup will likely contain four iPhones, which is not surprising at all if you consider the last years of Apple’s activity.

If you’re like most people are, surely you don’t like the idea of a camera bump being present on the phone. But whether we like it or not, that structure has a beneficial role for the camera itself. As for the iPhone 14 Pro model, it seems that a surprise is expected for its camera bump.

iPhone 14 Pro will have a larger camera bump than its predecessor informs that reputed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo promotes the idea that there will be a larger camera bump present on the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the iPhone 13 Pro model. However, the reason for the change might surprise everyone.

Here’s what Kuo said, as quotes:

The main reason for the larger and more prominent rear-camera bump of the 14 Pro/Pro Max is upgrading the wide camera to 48MP (vs. 13 Pro/Pro Max’s 12MP). The diagonal length of 48MP CIS will increase by 25-35%, and the height of 48MP’s 7P lens will increase by 5-10%.

Last month, we heard about a leak claiming that the same iPhone 14 Pro model will also be featuring 8GB of RAM. For some people, that could mean too much RAM for a phone. But hey, it’s 2022, the year when smartphones are becoming more powerful than laptops sometimes! Here’s what the blogger says, as translated by

[From a] domestic supply chain source, RAM on the iPhone 14 Pro released this year is 8 gigabytes.

They say… the supply with related companies is already confirmed, and scheduling for mass production seems to be proceeding faster, [with] tighter management of supply plans for major parts after COVID-19.

How would you prefer your iPhone 14 Pro if you had one?

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