Need for Speed (NFS): We Have the Release Date for the 2022 Game

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There’s a brand new Need for Speed (NFA) game in the works, and it’s already sparkling up our imagination! There is so much exciting stuff that could happen as a continuation of the series left behind in late 2020 with the release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered.

Our publication was aware since January that there’s a new NFS game to be released. It was said at that time that the upcoming game would land at some point in the fall and that Criterion would provide its work on the famous series’ continuation. But now we have a release date for the upcoming NFS game, and it’s not very far away!

The new NFS game will launch on November 4, 2022 reveals that the new NFS game will launch on November 4. The publication also reveals the possible release date for another top upcoming game: FIFA 23, coming on September 30.

What’s interesting, according to the same source, is that the new NFS title will be incorporating some anime elements, which is surely something new that may divide the fans into two categories: some will love the new style, while the others will hate it thoroughly. The information comes from industry Insider Jeff Grubb, who has supposedly said recently that the future game will “adopt a stylized aesthetic combing photorealistic graphics with anime elements.” 

So far, EA hasn’t confirmed that a new Need for Speed game is coming, but that will surely change soon. Perhaps the most logical assumption at this point is that a trailer of the upcoming game will land in a maximum of a few weeks.

The very first Need for Speed game was launched in 1994, and the series has a total of 24 main installments.

Are you also excited at the thought of playing a brand new NFS game? You should be!

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