You Can Now Order the New M2 MacBook Pro 13-Inch Powerhouse

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Source: Apple

Apple seems eager to prove that it will remain as dedicated to laptops just as it is in the case of iPhones. The Cupertino-based tech behemoth’s M2 MacBook Pro 13-Inch has just become up for grabs, and we’re clearly talking about a high-end gadget.

The news of the M2 MacBook Pro 13-Inch device becoming available for order is brought by One of the biggest highlights of the new laptop is represented by its ability to provide video of up to 8K quality. But we won’t be beating around the bush when it comes to telling you that Apple’s new gadget has even more mind-blowing features!

20 hours of battery life after a single charge

The battery life of Apple’s new laptop is insane! Who wouldn’t want 20 hours of battery life? That’s what Apple proposes, along with its new laptop!

MacBook Pro 13 is also equipped with a Touch ID sensor that you can use for unlocking the gadget with just your fingerprint.

If you’re like most people who use computers, surely you would like a lot of storage space for it! That’s a benefit even in the era when cloud technology dominates! Perhaps Apple had this thing in mind when it decided to implement the possibility of upgrading the storage space on its MacBook Pro 13 to 2TB. Of course, the laptop is equipped with an SSD, not an HDD.

An M2 chipset is also present, and as for the RAM, it can be extended all the way to 24GB.

We can guess that Apple hasn’t cut its employees any slack when it comes to building the M2 MacBook Pro 13-Inch. The gadget is truly a powerhouse!

Considering the insane specs of the M2 MacBook Pro 13-Inch, we can expect that it will be a piece of cake for Apple to sell it in large numbers!

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