Reset Restriction Passcode On iPhone in 2021

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iPhones are, without a doubt, the most popular line of smartphones in the world. Apple Inc produces them. With every new iPhone released, users discover a new set of exciting features. The most beneficial and unique feature of the iPhone is its Restriction Passcode. It is most helpful if multiple users, especially kids, use your iPhone. You can limit access to some features and applications that are for your personal use. Or you may want to stop kids from seeing inappropriate content. For this purpose, iPhone restriction passcodes can be your best friend. So, each time when you need to access the restricted features, you need to enter the passcode.

It is a four-digit numeric passcode. iPhones are usually very safe. Their passwords are difficult to crack.


If someone gets access to the restriction password, the best thing is to change it immediately. What should you do if you wish to reset the passcode? This is only applicable if you remember your previous password. Go to the iPhone Settings. Tap on General and then go to Restrictions. Now, enter here your previous passcode. Tap on Disable Restrictions and re-enter your password. Now enable the restrictions and enter your new password. This way, you can change your password.


If someone else sets a restriction password without telling you or if you forgot the password you set up yourself, resetting the restriction passcode will be a difficult task. For this purpose, you may need to factory restore your iPhone. This will remove the restrictions, and you can set a new password. There are three methods to reset your passcode.


With iCloud, you can factory restore your phone in the same way you would if you lost your phone. Simply open iCloud on your computer. Log in with your apple id. Tap on Find iPhone. Select the phone you want to erase. Select Erase iPhone and then follow the on-screen instructions.


Did you know that you can also factory restore your iPhone with the help of iTunes? Here you will learn how to do that in a few easy steps. First of all, open the iTunes application on your computer. Try to make sure that you have updated the iTunes app to its latest version. Connect your device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. Visit the Summary tab in the iTunes window and tap on it. Click on the Restore iPhone option and confirm your choices by clicking on Restore once more.


One way you can restore the restriction passcode without deleting all of the data of your iPhone is by using third-party software. A lot of them are available on the search engine, but most of them are not free. To use them, you need to have a backup of your iPhone.

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