Microsoft Teams Improves Video Calls Via AI

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Microsoft Teams has been growing in popularity seriously in the near past, especially during the pandemic lockdown measures. Released in 2017, Microsoft Teams is now seen as a nice alternative to other video calling apps, such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and more.

But regardless of how qualitative a video calling service is, it’s almost impossible to get rid of all those annoying background noises that you can hear while talking to someone through the app itself. According to The Verge, Microsoft is now using AI to improve the quality of calls and eliminate unnecessary noises.

Reducing echos from devices

Robert Aichner from Microsoft, who’s a principal program manager for intelligent conversation and communications cloud at the tech giant, stated in an interview with The Verge:

While we have been trying our best with digital signal processing to do a really good job in Teams, we have now started using machine learning for the first time to build echo cancellation where you can truly reduce echo from all the different devices.

You can also check out the new video of Microsoft where the new improvements in Teams are explained in more detail:

The description is also relevant enough:

Leveraging AI and machine learning, Microsoft has been delivering innovative enhancements in Microsoft Teams to address audio and video challenges in ways that are both user-friendly and scalable across environments. This video covers some common meeting scenarios and the audio and video improvements enabled in Teams.

Anybody who has an email address linked to consumer or corporate can sign up to get Microsoft Teams. The app works for Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. If you don’t have a paid Microsoft 365 commercial subscription, you can still get a free version of Microsoft Teams.

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