Google’s New Discover Interface Now Has Three Columns

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We have previously seen how Google is improving the Pixel Tablet’s Assistant and Discover apps with the latest updates. The latter adjustment is now being made to already-existing tablets, such as Samsung’s Tab S8, which has the Google app version  Since I/O 2022, Google has been working to perfect its first-party applications for use on big screens; this process is projected to reach its zenith with the release of the Pixel Tablet. The most recent change to the user interface for Google Discover on tablets is the addition of a third column.

Google Discover no longer only consists of two columns of content; instead, it now features a third column that makes the feed run edge-to-edge. The fullscreen effect is most noticeable on the left side of your homescreen, which now has a black backdrop. Meanwhile, the Google logo and your profile image have been relocated to the upper corners of the screen. However, when the empty space was removed from the navigation rail in the Google app, it took on a much more polished appearance. The Material You style has not yet been implemented in that side element, and we are currently waiting for it to do so.

As a result of the implementation of the three-column format, Google now displays all articles as cards with hazy edges, while cover photos are shrunk in size. Although the breadth is consistent, the height varies from one row to the next. Even when viewed in portrait mode, this is still the case; however, you will only see two columns. It is anticipated that Google would provide rows of media recommendations that are “From your applications” on the Pixel Tablet as part of a new approach with a color backdrop. One example of this would be Google TV.

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