Spoiler Alert One Piece Chapter 1050: Did Luffy Beat Kaido?

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Everyone who likes One Piece wants to know if Luffy really beat Kaido with his godly punch. Well, some hints about Chapter 1050 tell us a little bit about what to expect after the cliffhanger in the last chapter.

In the flashback from the last chapter, Kaido realizes that only Joyboy is strong enough to beat him. He had no idea at the time that Joyboy’s spirit was inside Luffy. During the battle, Kaido knocked Luffy down more than once, but the Straw Hats Captain always got back up. It turns out Luffy beats Kaido.

Spoiler alert: Chapter 1050

Some early leaks said that Chapter 1050 is called “Glory,” and the cover shows Reiju and Ichiji, who seem to be helping Niji and Yonji.

After Luffy hits him hard, Kaido falls into the magma and ends up under Wano Island. This is the same place where Big Mom fell after fighting Sanji.

So, after all the rumors, the next chapter confirms that Luffy has, at least for now, defeated Kaido. Some fans will probably think that Kaido’s loss to Luffy isn’t satisfying. The narrator hasn’t yet said that Kaido has been defeated, so there is a small chance that the Emperor of Seas will come back. But for now, it’s a win that Luffy’s fans should be proud of.

After that, the chapter moves on to another flashback where Toko and Yasuie are shown.

Now everyone is shocked after seeing the amazing fight, and Nekomamushi tells the people of Onigashima that Luffy won. Momo tells Zunesha that he will open the border when he turns back into a human, but that won’t happen right away. Hiyori and Red Scabbards also show up at the end of the chapter. Then Denjiro says that he has brought the new “Shogun of Wano” with him.

This is all we know so far about One Piece Chapter 1050. The chapter will be available in a few days, so you’ll be able to see how the fight between Luffy and Kaido ends soon.

The chapter will come up this Sunday, May 29, 2022.

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