Is GTA 5 Online Still Down?

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According to GTA 5 players, the game has been offline since 10:52 PM EST. This has affected some players on some platforms, and the servers are limited right now.

GTA 5 is not online, so the issue stands only for its online variant. As per Rockstar’s own Service Status Indicator, we can see that PS4 and Xbox One players have problems with GTA Online. Fans are eager to play the game again, and they want the problem solved immediately.

So what happened?

It seems that many console players still have trouble playing the game. More than 2000 players have reported the problem on the Downdetector website. The problem stands with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

According to Rockstar Games, the connection issues are not the problem. Yellow shows limited connectivity, and red means a complete outage. Both of the versions of GTA Online – from PS4 and Xbox One – are yellow now, which means that we’re getting our games back soon.

We don’t really know why this has happened, and there are many possible reasons. The weekly update for GTA Online will be here on Thursday, so this problem will not last for long. Rockstar is known for releasing background updates, and this might be a possible reason for the connectivity issues.

There could also be technical issues. Fans have always complained that the servers are outdated. This is also why the servers are unstable, and, let’s be honest they do crash frequently.

This outage has not affected PC players or PS3 or Xbox 360 players. But we should keep in mind that PS4 and Xbox One represent a large portion of the player base.

We expect Rockstar to put the servers up again soon.

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