Genshin Impact: We Have Some Banner Rerun Releases Soon

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Genshin Impact’s latest rumors come with a release date for Venti, and Itto banner reruns, and fans are excited.

According to a post on the Genshin Impact leaks subreddit by Little Kazuha, we could be receiving some great reruns in the game very soon. The leak comes from the Uncle, who, as you probably already know, has been quite trustworthy with their rumors since the 2.2 Update. We started to believe everything was coming from Uncle a long time ago.

All you need to know about the reruns

According to the leak, this is all you need to know about the reruns:

  • Ayato and Venti might get a banner rerun in the first half of the 2.6 Update. Ayaka will get one in the second half of the 2.6 Update.
  • The 2.6 Update will be released at the end of March.
  • Itto could get a rerun in the 2.7 Update. This update might be released in May.
  • Kazuha might get its rerun in the 2.8 Update. This update might be released in July.

We love when we learn new stuff, especially when it comes to new banners, and the Venti banner rerun is great news.

Itto’s banner rerun in 2.7 is a pleasant surprise, and given how many fans have been waiting for him, probably a lot of fans will get their hands on him. The fact that Kazuha will be released in 2.8 is perhaps the most annoying thing learned today, since we all expected it to be released in 2.6. Many players had already begun saving Primogems for this exact thing, and this piece of news suggests that they may now have to wait a long time to pull for their preferred character.


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