Gohan’s English Voice Actor Reacts to the Fighter’s Role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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We’re days away after the long-awaited Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie saw its debut in North America and other parts of the world. As everybody already knew, Gohan had to be under the spotlight in this movie and ready to show to the world that he could still be one of the best Z warriors, if not the best.

Once again, Gohan was spending way too much time studying and leaving his training sessions aside. His mentor Piccolo certainly didn’t like that at all, and he was eager to somehow make Goku’s son regain his fighting spirit. That’s certainly a pretty difficult job, which is why Gohan might have needed a special kind of motivation. What could that be?

Kyle Hebert, the actor who voices Gohan in the English dub version of Dragon Ball, is now back to share his thoughts with the world regarding the new movie. Speaking for ComicBook.com, he explained:

I had a deep wish that we were going to see Gohan finally have his day because it has literally been decades since the Majin Buu saga,

The world has seen what happened to Gohan as he trained and that all was going to go somewhere but then it all took a left turn as Gohan became very different.

Back in the Dragon Ball Z anime, Gohan had his peak during the Cell Saga, when he had to confront the diabolical and biological android known as Cell. The monster was created by Dr. Gero in his attempt to bring the ultimate fighting machine to the world. Gohan proved in that period that he could already be one of the strongest Z warriors, even though he was still an 11-year-old child. Gohan surpassed all expectations when he went Super Saiyan 2, becoming even stronger than Goku and Vegeta.

Later on in the series, Gohan let it low in the next seven years after the Cell Saga. Thus, he became an adult who was more into studying science rather than fighting, although he had his moments of glory from time to time, thanks to the role of the Great Saiyaman. After that, the Majin Buu Saga came and proved to the audience that a much more powerful foe than Cell could emerge, the one known as Majin Buu. Gohan lost in his first battle against Buu and was even close to death. Later on, Goku’s son did some special training under the Elder Kai, and came back to fight Buu for another round. While Gohan significantly improved, so did Majin Buu. But still, the monster was no match for Gohan in moments when everyone thought that the world was doomed.

Hebert seems to say that Gohan didn’t shine since the Majin Buu saga, in his opinion, although we can contradict him a bit by mentioning Gohan’s performance during the Tournament of Power arc from Dragon Ball Super. Either way, here’s another interesting statement that Gohan’s voice actor brings, as quoted by ComicBook.com once again:

He’s definitely still grown as a character, as a father, and as a husband. Obviously, he’s very smart and all of that, so he’s very a three-dimensional character, but to bring it full circle to what he was in the Cell saga and everything? That’s pretty exciting to see.

Although perhaps anyone who has seen the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie would admit that the production clearly has its flaws, Hebert’s perspective on Gohan’s role is quite interesting. Gohan has indeed shown to be a loving parent and husband throughout Dragon Ball history, and his contribution as a fighter is also undeniable, even with his long hiatuses.


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