Warzone Operation Monarch Event: When Is the Release Date?

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After many hints that Godzilla was coming soon, details about a brand-new Warzone event have been released, and everyone is excited.  Operation Monarch is the name of the event. King Kong will also make an appearance.

There have been rumors that the Pacific era won’t have a sixth season of post-launch content. Because of this, the event will happen in the first few weeks of Season 3, which starts on April 27.

When the next set of content comes out, everyone will be looking for Godzilla and King Kong on Caldera.

Here’s is all you need to know about Warzone’s Operation Monarch.

Release date

The artwork released on April 20 shows that Operation Monarch will start on May 11, two weeks after Season 3 begins. Godzilla and King Kong are likely to show up on Caldera on that date, but more details about Operation Monarch haven’t come out yet.

Raven Software has confirmed that Operation Monarch will have a separate game mode “for Quads” and a “titan-sized twist” when Season 3 starts. The game’s developer also says that players can control either of the two creatures and do a lot of damage to Caldera.

In the first trailer for Operation Monarch, King Kong is confirmed to be on Caldera. Considering how big the monsters are, it’s likely that players will have to save the island from being destroyed.


Like most Warzone events, Operation Monarch is likely to have some challenges for players. By killing Godzilla and King Kong, players are likely to get a lot of XP and unique cosmetic items.

When you complete challenges, you can always get something in return, like XP or exclusive Calling Cards and Weapon Charms. In the past, there have been a lot of themed rewards to earn during Warzone events, and it’s likely that the same will happen now.


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