There’s a Major Hint That GTA 6 Might Be Announced in 2022

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GTA 6 is expected to arrive for years, as since 2013, we haven’t got a game from the Grand Theft Auto series anymore. There are so many speculations and rumors about the next major GTA game! There is perhaps less news about COVID on the web than rumors about GTA 6.

According to, a well-known Rockstar Games insider known as TezFunz2 went to GTA Forums to reveal giant news that we’ve all been waiting for: he says that “it’s pretty much a given” that GTA 6 will be announced by the developers in 2022.

Until now, there hasn’t been any official word from Rockstar regarding a release date for its highly-anticipated game. But even if the leaker’s statements are true and the famous company will announce GTA 6 this year, we’ll still have plenty to wait for a release date. The game can theoretically launch even years after it was officially announced.

The release date could be set for 2023

The same source says that a release date could be set for next year, although Rockstar could announce the game in 2022.

TezFunz2 writes in a post for the GTA Forums:

Since we are going into 2022, the new year is pretty much a given for the announcement of the next title. Going by Rockstar’s pattern with major titles, a release is expected a year after.

There are rumors claiming that GTA 6 will be featuring a female protagonist, which is awesome. However, the game will follow the same recipe as GTA 5, according to the unconfirmed info, and bring not one, but three protagonists. The location would be set in Miami, trying to revive the spirit from GTA Vice City. That latter game was so huge that it’s hard to believe it will ever be forgotten by gamers.

Judging by how much time it went from the release of GTA 5 in 2013, it would be about time for Rockstar to finally say something about the highly-anticipated sequel.

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