Xbox Game Pass Will Allow Gaming on TVs Without Consoles Soon

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If you’re at least a bit interested in tech, you know very well that there is such thing as a TV that’s able to run games without being connected to a console. But such a TV won’t run just about any game you want, and there are plenty of improvements that could be made in the field.

According to a new report from GamesBeat, Microsoft aims to allow users to stream video games from the cloud directly on the TV. It would be as simple as streaming those games to your phone or laptop.

Xbox Game Pass will allow you to play games on your TV in a maximum of 12 months

Twelve months is all you have to wait for Microsoft’s exciting new plan to be put into action. The Redmond-based giant shall release another cloud-gaming device related to Xbox. It will be small, you’ll barely notice it, so don’t worry! Through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service, you’ll get to use the device to run games directly on your TV.

But Microsoft understood very well that gaming doesn’t represent the only form of entertainment out there. Therefore, the company will also improve the cloud gaming device in such a way that it will also grant access to movies and other forms of entertainment.

But there’s even a good chance that you won’t need Microsoft’s upcoming device to allow game streaming on your TV, either. That’s available if you have a Samsung TV, as Microsoft is collaborating with the South-Korean giant to develop an app for game streaming and that’s related to Xbox. That’s also supposed to launch in a maximum of 12 months.

Microsoft has been extremely dedicated until now to its Xbox consoles, whether we’re talking about the Xbox Series X or the much older Xbox One or Xbox 360.

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