Warzone Pacific Season 3: All You Need to Know So Far

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News of Warzone Pacific Season 3 is nowhere to be found, but we can guess some things, by taking into account their previous seasons.

Activision and Raven Software have not said anything about a possible release date for Season 3, but the end of Season 2 Battle Pass will come with an estimate on when the new season might begin.

The Battle Pass ends on April 25, which means that if there are no delays, April 26 will be the release date of the new season.

Guns and weapons

We may expect some new additions to the arsenal of weapons, just as we have in prior seasons. The KG M40 assault rifle and the Whitley light machine gun were introduced in Season 2, thus, it is possible that a brand-new marksman weapon or sniper may make a debut.

In addition to new firearms, Season 3 is likely to include another melee weapon, giving players even more options when it comes to getting closer to the enemy.


Since Season 1, the island of Caldera has changed very little. Players were looking for further changes in Season 2, with the addition of underground chemical laboratories as part of the Search and Deploy event.

There are no significant places of interest in the region surrounding Peak, thus Season 3 would be an excellent way to add one or redesign the map.


After Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, the gaming studio said that the Season 3 update would come with adjustments to footstep audio. This comes as a response to many players who talked about their frustrations about not being able to hear the footsteps of the players.

Will Season 3 get delayed?

We are not sure. The most recent update comes with bug fixes that are not actually helpful, so a delay might take place.

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