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You know what they say that dogs are men’s best friends. On the other hand, many men had been dreaming of becoming astronauts when they were little boys. Now we’re asking the “million dollar” question: why not have both at the same time?

That’s what Astrodogs proposes. It’s a game that was just launched for the Nintendo Switch console, and it gives the player the opportunity of using dogs to fly spaceships and take down opponents. How ingenious is that?

Kombo has to save the day!

Kombo is the character that the players of Astrodogs will have to guide around in order to save the day. He’s the Shiba Ace Pilot who must join the crew and save all of the puppydom.

Feel free to watch the launch trailer:

You might get to complain about some things while playing Astrodogs. However, everybody complains about everything these days, especially when it comes to the tech industry, including gaming. Jokes aside, for now!

You certainly cannot complain about getting bored while playing Astrodogs. Here’s a part of Nintendo’s description for Astrodogs, which is pretty relevant to knowing what will await you in the game:

Battle WOOFER’s army through 10 beautiful levels made with replayability in mind.

Featuring a wide arsenal of weapons like remote controlled bombs, homing missiles, hyperbeam and parry-shield. It also has “Slow-Mo” mechanics that are sure to make every moment of the game a lot of fun! The game also features timeless cel-shaded graphics and unlockable ships and skins!

WOOFER is the company that began to attack entire planets in this game, and someone needs to stop it. Astrodogs is the on-rails arcade action game where things can reach astronomic proportions!

Do you have what it takes to help Kombo achieve his goal?

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