Android 12 Now Available On Realme 8 Pro, 7 Pro and Realme C25 Devices

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  1. Changelog

In order to get the Realme UI 3.0 stable upgrade, users must be running the most recent firmware version of Realme UI 2.0. The update will be sent in batches. RMX3081 11.A.47 and RMX3081 11.A.48 will apply to Realme 8 Pro users, while RMX2170 11.C.30 and RMX2170 11.C.32 apply to Realme 7 Pro users, while RMX3197 11.A.19 and RMX3197 11.A.20 apply to owners of Realme C25s smartphones, respectively.

Each of the Realme UI 3.0 update’s changelogs is the same, regardless of whatever device you’re using.


  • The visual and interactive experience is simplified and more pleasant thanks to a new design that emphasizes a feeling of open space. Revamps the page layout to reduce visual noise and space out items, prioritizing information with various colors to make vital information more noticeable.
  • Icons are redesigned with new materials to give them additional depth, space, and substance.
  • Over 300 animations have been optimized for a more natural user experience thanks to the new Quantum Animation Engine 3.0, which uses the notion of mass to provide genuine motion to animations.
Convenience & efficiency
  • FlexDrop has been renamed Flexible Windows and improved:
  • Streamlines the process of resizing floating windows.
  • In the floating window, you can now drag and drop files from My Files or photos from the Photos app.
  • This update includes a new feature called “Quick start,” which automatically recognizes and preloads applications that you use regularly.
  • Displays your battery use in a graph.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane mode are now more responsive.
  • With the help of a constant frame rate, games operate better in team battle situations.
  • Reduces battery consumption and average CPU load.
  • You may now choose the order in which the various camera modes appear in the menu bar.
  • Using the back camera, you may now seamlessly zoom in or out by using the zoom slider.

Improves screen reading comfort by making it easier for the auto-brightness algorithm to adapt to a wider variety of scenarios.

  • Accessibility
  • Accessibility features may now be explained in a more visual way thanks to the use of graphics.
  • Visual, auditory, interactive, and general processes are all grouped together to make it easier to classify functions.
  • Additional system applications are supported with TalkBack, such as Phones and Mail.
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