New GTA 6 Rumor: Brother and Sister Will Be the New Protagonists

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The wait for GTA 6 to come out will surely be over sooner or later, regardless of how unbearable it may feel now. Grand Theft Auto fans from all over the world are hoping to see a memorable game, and fortunately, all rumors indicate that they’ll be right.

GTA 5 switched the classic formula back in 2013 when the game came out. Instead of having just one protagonist as any other game of its series, the latest major Grand Theft Auto iteration brought not two but three lads on the front line. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin are their names, and causing trouble is their specialty!

All hints we have until now indicate that the upcoming GTA 6 will also deviate from the one protagonist formula.

Only two protagonists in GTA 6? brings us the news about the new GTA 6 leak in question. If it’s true, the game will have two protagonists, a brother, and a sister. They were allegedly separated during the prologue after their parents got killed. This part of the story is expected to be set almost 20 years ago, in 2003.
Surely the plot already sounds interesting, and a lot of exciting scenarios can emerge from there. The protagonists might have a strong thirst for revenge after their parents got murdered.

It’s worth mentioning that the rumor confirms the existence of a female protagonist, something that was highly demanded by the GTA fans. Plenty of other rumors indicated the presence of a female protagonist. We have to admit that seeing a badass girl in an open-world game who’s ready to punish those bad guys can only be a pleasant presence.

Nobody can deny that Carl Johnson (CJ), Niko Bellic, or Tommy Vercetti were indeed very unique and interesting characters. But innovation is often a good thing, and it has proven to be a successful recipe throughout GTA history.

Are you happy about the new rumor of two protagonists in GTA 6? Feel free to tell us!

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