The Voice Messages of WhatsApp Will Become More Improved Than Ever

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Sending a voice message via WhatsApp represents a feature that many of us love. It saves you a lot of time and effort if you’re not a fan of speaking on the phone. It allows you to have more direct interaction with the other person compared to simply sending text messages. Furthermore, Voice messages surely represent a great tool nowadays when everybody’s ghosting each other. The psychological impact is a lot higher when you hear the voice of the other person.

Now seriously, the developers of WhatsApp seem to be well aware of all of those advantages. That’s perhaps why they’re preparing some neat features for voice messages via the world’s most popular instant messaging app. Users will just have to wait a few weeks to see them available.

Faster Playback takes the cake

From the list of upcoming features for voice messages that WhatsApp itself announced through its blog, the option of “fast playback on forwarded messages” takes the cake. Its name says it all. This feature is great when the person you’re speaking with speaks too slowly and stuttering after consuming a few drinks. The feature allows you to play the voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speeds.

The improved voice messaging area of WhatsApp will also allow users to listen to the messages while doing something else on the phone. They’ll also get to pause or resume recording, listen to the voice messages before sending them, and more. In this way, everybody will assure that everything will look and sound as planned before sending the audio file to another person. Who needs calling by the phone in this case, when that experience has the nerve of exposing you along with all your shortcomings?

WhatsApp has about 2 billion users to be pleased, and it’s certainly not an easy mission.

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