GTA 6 Release Date: New Report Brings Important Info

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When is GTA 6 coming out? Will it be better than GTA 5? Will it have a bigger map? Will it also have three protagonists? Will Rockstar build a better customization menu? Will there be more clothing stores? Will the weapons be any different? Will we see more ways of investing your virtual money?

Perhaps each and every GTA fan is asking those questions. And most probably, there are even a lot more questions left unanswered regarding the next major iteration of the legendary Grand Theft Auto series. The good news is that the more time it passes, the closer we are to unpuzzling the entire mystery about GTA 6, regardless of when the long-awaited game is coming out.

Will Rockstar reveal GTA 6 in late 2022?

According to, a new report reveals a possible unveiling of GTA 6 by Rockstar at a later date in the current year. As you probably know already, the company hasn’t said a word about the next GTA title other than that it’s working on the game itself. Rockstar didn’t even confirm that it’s about GTA 6 and not any other GTA title, but let’s try to be optimistic and believe that it’s GTA 6 the game that Rockstar was referring to!

If the new report got it well and GTA 6 will be revealed in 2022, it could only mean that the game itself is coming out next year for the best-case scenario. It’s been nine years already since the predecessor GTA 5 first came out for consoles, and the fans have a lot of trouble in baring the horrible wait. GTA 5 is, for the moment, the pinnacle of what the Grand Theft Auto series has to offer best. It will be extremely difficult to bring a better game, but maybe that’s why it’s taking Rockstar so long.

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