Dragon Ball Super Shows Goku Having an Emotional Moment Due to His Father – Is Bardock Finally Coming to the Show?

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There’s a lot of fuss going around among the Dragon Ball fans community these days and for a good reason. The fans are expecting that Bardock will be revived in the Dragon Ball Super Manga, and many clues point in that direction. The cover art of a new chapter of the manga showcases Goku’s father under the spotlight.

Just in case you need another reason to believe that Bardock might be finally coming to face his son Goku face to face, you have to know that a recent manga chapter is showing an emotional moment of Goku as he remembers about his parents, Bardock and Gine.

Here you go:

Oddly enough, Goku was just a baby when he last saw his father. Bardock put baby Goku in a spaceship many years before the events from early Dragon Ball Z to send him away from a dangerous planet that was threatened by Frieza’s wrath. Later on, Bardock had the guts to challenge the evil emperor Frieza, but the Saiyan was killed by his opponent, along with most of his race.

Before his death, Bardock somehow realizes that his son will be the one who will take down Frieza. The last remaining Saiyans after Frieza’s terror regime were hoping that Goku will exterminate all life from planet Earth on his own. Our hero was evil to the core when he left his home planet Vegeta, but a bump to the head (literally) made him a good person. Therefore, Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta were the only other three Saiyans left alive, and they were outraged at Goku (whom they were calling ‘Kakarot’) for not finishing the job. From that point, a major confrontation between Goku and his Saiyan members started. An impressive turn of events led to the downfall of Frieza and Prince Vegeta becoming one of the good guys.



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