Season 5 of FIFA 22 Brings New Promo Events and Other Exciting Stuff in FUT

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Although we’re months away until a brand new FIFA game will hit the stores, meaning FIFA 23, the good old FIFA 22 still has a lot to prove. Being available for a long series of platforms, including the newer PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, FIFA 22 is now ready to make gamers happy once again through Season 5. tells us what exciting stuff does Season 5 brings for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and you can’t afford to lose any of the fun if you’re one of the fans! You have very little to wait for the great event – less than a week!

Season 5 starts on March 17

Season 5 kicks off on March 17, and as expected, it will bring a series of new challenges for the gamers to face. There’s a total of 30 levels for the gamers to take on, and there are also rewards involved. Not only that Season 5 gives FIFA 22 the opportunity to improve their skills and their club; it also offers a unique reward at the end of each season!

Just in case you’re not well-aware yet what Hypermosion Technology is, EA SPORTS comes to explain to us very well what the technology unlocks:

– Full Team Authentic Motion
– Machine Learning Flow
– Tactical A.I.
– Kinetic Air Battles
– Composed Ball Control
– Player Humanization

As for the upcoming FIFA 23, which comes out in late September, the game will bring Cross-Play for the very first time in FIFA history! This means that regardless of your friends are playing the game from PC or consoles, you’ll get to compete with them in FIFA 23, no matter what machine you’re using to play the game yourself!

Make sure you’re logging into FIFA 22 soon if you have the game, as there will be plenty of exciting surprises in Season 5! Do you think you have what it takes to be the winner in the new season of FIFA 22?

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