Was Good Girls Officially Canceled?

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Season 5 of Good Girls is currently in the works. There hasn’t been much communication from the government. It seems that the program will not be renewed for a second season! The fourth season of Good Girls was just shown. Although it has not been officially declared, we believe that this was the last season of the program. According to our insiders, the program was only going to be on for four seasons total. Ruby, Beth, and Annie would undoubtedly be missed. But do we stand a chance for a fifth season of Good Girls to air? Netflix has lately taken up the streaming of the series. Keep up with us to find out everything about it.

Was it canceled?

The program has been indeed canceled! Yes, you read it correctly: Good Girls season 5 will not be produced. As of right now, there is no plan to renew the show. Unfortunately, your patience will never be rewarded. The fourth season of Good Girls served as the conclusion to the story. The fourth and last episode of the program was published in the fall of last year. In the United States, however, the program was not shown until this year. However, the wait is now over, as the last season of the program will air in the United States in the near future, namely in March 2022.

In accordance with our sources, the program was expected to be revived for a new season at some point. The filming was expected to take place in the spring of 2022. All of the personalities were present aboard the ship. However, the program was going through a financial problem at the time. As a result, the program was canceled. It was yanked off the air by NBC. Netflix is now offering a streaming version of the program.

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