Pokémon Go Community Is Mad at Niantic Again

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The entire community of Pokémon Go is upset because Niantic nerfed the Incense item for the second time.  Players are not happy, as they are thinking about the consequences on the game’s accessibility and quality of play.

It is the beginning of Pokémon Go’s Season of Alola, in which we meet a cohort of Alolan Pokemon for the very first time. The update also comes with some changes made to the existing item bonuses.

One of the items that’s affected by the update is Incense. The last time Niantic made changes to the Incense mechanics, it was chaos. And it seems that the company has done it again. Many players are worried about the nerf’s effect on the gameplay.

How fans responded

Incense is an item that attracts Pokémon to the player in a specific time frame. You can buy it with a bundle of PokéCoins, and it’s very useful, as it allows players to continue the game without actually going outside.

With the arrival of the Season of Alola, everything changes. It seems that the stationary Incense bonus is removed, and that means that the rate of Pokémon has dropped drastically. Incence is used to lure Pokémon at a rate of 1 Pokémon for every 5 minutes. We know, the event also comes with Increased Incense effectiveness, but it only applies if the player is actively moving. Niantic has increased the duration of Incense from 60 minutes to 90.

Fans are disappointed, and many reacted on Twitter. They say it does not benefit anyone in the long run. Players will have to move for longer in order to reach the old rate of Pokémon appearances in the game. This will make it a lot more difficult for players to enjoy the game.

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