Harry Potter Magic Awakened Beta: Easy Ways to Play It

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The latest mobile game comes with the world of Harry Potter, and we’re ready for it. Here is all you need to know about playing the Harry Potter Magic Awakened beta.

We know, it’s on its beta stage, and things might not run as smoothly, but you can help improve it.

How do I sign up?

You can join the beta without any problems. But that doesn’t mean that you will be accepted. You just need to sign up for pre-registration. You can enter your e-mail on the official website, and you’ll get a message of confirmation. You can get a chance to play the beta, but there are also some rewards to win. Once 500,000 people pre-register, each player will get a Nimbus 2000 card as a bonus, so you should totally pre-register.

The beta is only available on Android.

Can I play it with an Emulator?

Yeah, you can do that with an APK. But keep in mind that it does require downloading some stuff, but you will definitely get in without waiting on the beta access from the Google Play Store.

For Android phones

  • Go to a safe APK site
  • Download their installer app and enable third-party installs on your phone.
  • Download the APK from their site
  • Use the app to install the APK


  • Download an Android emulator
  • Use the right-sidebar to create and launch a 64-bit instance of the emulator
  • Drag the APK of the game into the emulator
  • Install it
  • Launch it from the 64-bit instance

You might not want to do this if you don’t trust third-party installers.

Can I play the beta version on iPhone?

At this point, you cannot play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on iOS devices. The beta version of the game is only available for Android.

You can’t use APKs either on iOS. You will need to wait until the game launches.

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