Street Fighter 6 Unveils Its First Trailer

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Following a one-week countdown, Capcom eventually made its special surprise, unveiling Street Fighter 6. However, the news was met with varied reactions and bafflement from fans. Capcom has a countdown running, for one week, and the countdown concluded on the last day of the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) Season Finale, which is why most fans assumed the reveal would be for Street Fighter 6, which was the case. The fact that Street Fighter is celebrating its 35th anniversary just added to the predictability of the situation. After everything was said and done, Street Fighter 6 was officially unveiled.

The teaser

Capcom ultimately decided to release a very brief teaser video for Street Fighter 6, which did not include any gameplay. During the brief video, Ryu and Luke were seen, with Luke being highly indicated to be the face of Street Fighter 6 as he was initially released as a Street Fighter 5 DLC protagonist in 2012. There were no shocks in that regard. The teaser clip included the appearance of the two most expected characters.

Moreover, no gameplay was demonstrated, and Capcom claimed that we would get more information in the summer of 2022. That’s from June through September, which is a few months in the future  We just received the news of an announcement, which was a little disappointing. There was nothing to think about or discuss, and there was little to say. Even the most battle-tested content developer would be hard-pressed to create a day 0 tier list just on this clip. There’s nothing in there that would appeal to anybody. If you search for “Street Fighter 6” on Twitter, you’ll quickly come across some dissatisfied users.

Whereas the news was underwhelming, it is unquestionably great that Street Fighter 6 debuts, and it is hoped that it will do some great for combat games generally as well as rescue the fighting game industry from the effects of Genshin. Some fans also believe there is a chance that  Street Fighter 6 will be released as a free-to-play title. Capcom will announce further information in the summer of 2022, so we’ll find out then.

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