Dragon Ball Introduces a New Fused Character

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In the Dragon Ball series, fusion is a technique that allows two characters to merge into a single, more powerful being. Fusion is performed by using a special dance or technique, and the resulting fused character has the combined power and abilities of the two individuals who performed the fusion.

Fusion is typically used as a temporary measure to increase the strength and power of a character in order to defeat a particularly powerful opponent. The fused character typically has a unique appearance that combines elements of the two individuals who performed the fusion.

While the most famous characters who fused in Dragon Ball history are Goku and Vegeta, resulting in either Vegito or Gogeta, Dragon Ball Legends proves to us that other Saiyans can fuse as well.

Welcome, Shallet!

Shallet is the name of the fusion performed by Shallot and Giblet in the Dragon Ball Legends game for Android and iOS, according to ComicBook. The two fighters are both Saiyans. Perhaps any fan knows by now that when it comes to gaming, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as in anime or manga.

Gogeta is a character in the Dragon Ball series which had to deal with some extremely powerful villains. Gogeta is a powerful and formidable character, with a strength and power level that is significantly greater than that of either Goku or Vegeta individually. Gogeta has fought against characters such as Broly, Janemba, and others.

Gogeta has appeared in several arcs and storylines in the series and has consistently proven to be a formidable opponent, even against some of the strongest enemies in the series. Gogeta’s strength and power are further increased when he uses his Super Saiyan 4 or regular Super Saiyan transformations, which allow him to access even greater levels of power and speed.


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