Euphoria News: Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike Officially Dating

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The actors of the HBO series Euphoria, Hunter Schafer, and Dominic Fike have led to a rumor that states that these two are dating. Now the rumor was confirmed by the actors themselves.

In a message on his official Instagram profile, Dominic Fike (26 years old) expressed his gratitude to his fans. He published a piece on Thursday of last week. We can see in that narrative that he and his co-star Hunter Schafer are enjoying a passionate kiss (22 years). He and his girlfriend were in a hotel to mark their birthdays, and they kissed each other there. “Happy birthday, happy birthday,” the stars said in the description of their Instagram image. Their birthdays were in December, so they were both celebrating at the time. Their birthdays were one day apart, December 31 and December 30.

The pair was seated there, both holding a large piece of chocolate cake in their hands.  In the photograph, Dominic Fike was dressed in a hoodie for a casual evening out with friends and family. Hunter Schafer, however, was dressed in an enormous white shirt with a tiger print on it.

Since last month, there have been rumblings about them being in a love connection with one another. In addition of that, the picture, which was filled with affectionate gestures, has been fuelling speculations about their relationship. The rumors began after they were both spotted holding hands after they had finished their supper together and left the restaurant. They were observed at The Nice Guy, a popular hangout in the Western Hollywood neighborhood.

As a result, after multiple suspicions about Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike’s relationship circulated among fans, the speculations came to fruition on February 10th when they began to date one other. Both actors have confirmed that they are dating one other in the press. Their romance was officially verified when they posted a picture of themselves kissing on the official Instagram account of Dominic Fike, which was then deleted.

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