Suicide Squad: Will We Receive Ayer’s Cut?

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Are you prepared to go deeper into the DC film universe? Yes, you read it correctly: we’re referring about the most successful Warner Bros. picture of all time, The Suicide Squad. It seems like Will Smith is pushing for a sequel to the “Suicide Squad” film. He’d be interested in seeing Ayer’s take on the villains’ team. The world has already been flipped upside down by the scariest and wildest supervillains on the planet. However, as we all know, we would welcome the return of the supervillains on our television screens. We’re thinking of making a sequel to this film! Keep up with us to find out all you need to know about it right here.

Ayer’s Cut was originally intended to be a DC Studios production. Yes, Suicide Squad from Ayer’s point of view was on the Warner Bros. to-do list when it was announced. However, things turned out quite differently and the film never aired on our screen. However, the primary production office has since disputed the whole rumor, claiming that Ayer’s Cut was never part of their original plan. We anticipate that, similar to Snyder’s Just League, Ayer’s Suicide Squad will have some internal difficulties with the franchise, as did Snyder’s Just League. The whole situation is still under wraps, but we will do all in our power to provide you with the genuine facts. Our understanding of why we didn’t see Ayer’s Cut is still a puzzle to us, but we hope to shed some light on the situation in the near future!

Given that HBO Max has just begun a whole new DC series centered on the villainous group, it would be a fantastic chance for DC to include Ayer’s plot into the mix. The hit HBO Max miniseries Peacemaker might pave the way for the sequel to The Suicide Squad. Ayer’s version of the story can be thought of as a resumption of the lethal tale. Will DC, on the other hand, take our advice? Will Warner Bros. take into consideration the audience’s suggestion?

Will Smith wants the Ayer’s Cut

Will Smith continues to lean more towards the Ayer’s Cut. He believes the plot has a good amount of complexity for a supervillain story. It is possible to overcome the cruelty effect. DC fans also believe that Warner Bros. should release a second installment of the plot. We would surely go see the second installment of “The Suicide Squad” movie if it was released. DC hasn’t responded much to the audience’s desire. However, as soon as we learn anything new and fascinating about this subject, we will send you an update with further information. All for now; to keep up with the newest news and information about fascinating DC and Marvel films and television programs, follow us right here on the website.

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