Final Fantasy VII Remake: Fans Are Not Happy With Nojima

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Kazushige Nojima is one of the main writers on the Final Fantasy series, and the Remake project hasn’t been well-received by fans, especially on Twitter. Nojima has mentioned that they have a plot for Final Fantasy X-3.  He is also working on the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin project.

As it has been seen, Nojima’s fanbase has good parts and bad parts. And the bad part has started to harass the writer on Twitter.

Yesterday, on the 16th of January 2022, Kazushige Nojima tweeted about the ongoing harassment he’s receiving from Final Fantasy fans. He stated that he feels that sharing his opinions actually weakens the value of his previous work, and that fans don’t like them anymore. He reached the conclusion that it might be better if he didn’t say anything about his games on Twitter. The funny thing is that his tweets have nothing to do with his games – he talks about his hobbies, or his guinea pigs.

Nojima then added to his tweet, saying that it has all been a misunderstanding, and that he won’t stop using Twitter, but rather he will stop talking about the projects he’s part of. He will continue uploading photos of guinea pigs.

Fans have shown him support in several replies, telling him that he should continue talking about his projects. It is very interesting to learn things from behind the scenes, and the entire process is quite fascinating.

There are plenty of Japanese developers out there who have Twitter accounts. Some of them don’t even have that many followers. It’s very important to tell them that their work counts and it makes a difference in your lives.

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