Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Goku Has a New Super Saiyan Blue Form

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Dragon Ball has mostly been about Goku and his journey to always become stronger and take down the evil guys. The mighty Saiyan is already stronger than he would have ever dared to imagine when he was little. He can destroy entire solar systems without breaking a sweat.

During the Tournament of Power arc from the Dragon Ball Super anime, the stakes were raised tremendously. Dragon Ball was not only about how things happen in one universe. The arc brought along fighters from all twelve universes to test their skills against each other. Therefore, “the strongest in the universe” had no significant value anymore. It should now be “the strongest in the Multiverse”! And you know what? It already is!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes shows Goku at Super Saiyan Blue: Power of the Universe Tree level

Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues the story of Goku and Vegeta as they’ve achieved godly powers. The heroes have to confront new powerful enemies, but also some of the past. Therefore, they need new powers, and the show doesn’t hesitate to give them:

However, we can expect to see another new transformation in Dragon Ball Super soon enough. The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero animated movie that will arrive in theaters around June 2022 will likely bring a new transformation for Gohan, as he’ll be battling the new powerful androids created by the Red Ribbon Army. Judging by the cover of the movie and other hints, Gohan will be the main character.

However, the Dragon Ball Super legacy continues also through its manga version, which has already brought two major arcs after the Tournament of Power arc from the anime. The Moro arc and the Granolah arc are the ones in question, but a new powerful enemy has already been shown: Gas, the leader of the Heeters.

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