‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ – Check Out the English Dub Voices Trailer

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The highly-anticipated film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ has already hit the theaters in Japan, and it’s just a matter of time until the rest of the world can enjoy it. Although we know very well that you’re eager to see the movie, just hold your horses for a sec! There’s still plenty to wait for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to come out outside Japan.

After its premiere on June 11, the movie ignited a huge wave of reactions across the web. While it was obviously distributed with its original Japanese voices, many people from the US and Europe are eager to hear the English dubbed version as well.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero launches in August in the US

It’s been a few decades since Chris Sabbat and Sean Schemmel had first shown the world how Dragon Ball sounds in English. In 2022, they still have a lot of work to do for the dubs of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, and you can check out a sample below:

The new movie’s plot sees Gohan in his attempt to do more martial arts to the detriment of studying for school. His first trainer and best friend, Piccolo, is once again eager to motivate him enough in order to surpass his limits. The Red Ribbon Army, on the other hand, is revived from the ashes after it was defeated by Goku many years ago. Recruiting a new mad scientist, the evil organization has created the ultimate androids to take down the Z warriors: Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and another one that you’ll surely like.

The voices of Goku and Vegeta sure sound a lot more mature than they did back in Dragon Ball Z. There’s no wonder why, as that anime had its premiere in the US back in 1996. While Sean Schemmel does Goku’s voice, Chris Sabbat covers both the voices of Vegeta and Piccolo.

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