Final Fantasy XIV: Here’s What’s Next for the Series

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The producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, has finally revealed what’s next for the game. And we also got a release date.

There’s no denying that Final Fantasy XIV is one of the greatest games out there. We have an amazing plot, difficult raid bosses, and amazing OSTs, so, naturally, we’re all waiting to see what’s next.

The last expansion, Endwalker, has just been released, and we are eager to learn more about the next update. Naoki Yoshida, the producer, has given us some insight into what the future holds. We’ve learned before that “the big reveal” will come in Spring 2022, but we finally have a more specific time. And it’s February.

This is all we know so far

The producer appeared on a radio show in Japan, where he talked about the future of Final Fantasy XIV. We will get more details towards the end of February. He claimed there are major plans for the story, and it seems that the next chapter will be more chaotic than the last one.

The story will focus on Krile. The character first made its appearance in the first chapter, A Realm Reborn, and it was also part of the last three expansions.

Japanese VA Yuichi Nakamura also took part in the interview – he’s the voice of Thancred. He mentioned that this character would have an interesting role in the new expansion, as well. But we kind of already knew that, since Thancred has always had a major role since the first chapter.

As of now, we still have to wait a bit more until we learn about all of the details surrounding the new expansion. But we think it’s going to be amazing, and the entire experience will be a great one.

Recently, we also learned about the released of the Endwalker expansion OST, which will come with 62 total tracks. It will be released on the 23rd of February, 2022, and it fits perfectly the timeline for the new FFXIV story reveal.

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