Kojima: This New Game Will Be Played by Everyone

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Hideo Kojima is one o the most popular game developers out there, so, naturally, we’re excited when he gives us updates about upcoming projects. Together with his team at Kojima Productions, they work really hard at new games.

After working on the Metal Gear Solid series for more than ten years, Death Stranding made its appearance as the first title from Hideo Kojima’s studio. It was one of his best works, with great gameplay. But Death Stranding did not get the positive reviews that the Metal Gear Solid games got, but fans still love it.

So what are they working on?

Hideo Kojima has made an appearance in a special episode of NHK Radio, and he talked about the world of game music. He teased his future projects, and it seems that they have a lot to prepare for us.

Kojima has revealed that he is working on a big triple-A title that everyone will say that they want to play.” He didn’t say anything more than that, but we’re excited either way. Death Stranding came with a unique gameplay style which, of course, is not for everyone, but Kojima might be working on something for everyone – you know, according to his statement. He also stated that they are currently working on a smaller project that’s not open-world, and it’s not shooter, either. They need to hire more staff for their small projects, and the pandemic definitely does not help.

New characters added to the games

It seems that they will also add a Piano Man to one of his games, but he didn’t have the chance to do it so far, with the existent titles. But we’re keeping our hopes high.

Also, we were pleased to learn that the studio is also working on some movies and anime.

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