Warzone Hacker Says Verdansk Is Full of Cheaters

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Warzone was released some time ago, and it did not come with no flaws. Both Activision and Raven Software have tried to get rid of the hackers numerous times. And while everyone has their attention on the new Caldera map that’s set in the Pacific, hackers are making it their world in Verdansk.

Activision wants to take measures against hackers, and one of them is to introduce the anti-cheat system during Warzone Season 1.

So there are still a few weeks before the anti-cheat launches, there are even more cheaters in the game now. Even cheaters started to complain about Activision’s decision.

One player was talking about all the hacking from the game. Which would be no big deal – this happens all the time. The problem is that he was doing so on a website that is known for making Warzone cheats.

The Reddit user has published a post, which he then deleted. He wanted everyone to know that this is a great thing for players everywhere. He said he was grateful for those cheats and asked them if they could develop a hack that can show is hacking in the game. “Going up against so many other hacks that take it way too far with aimbot, so it would be cool to get a heads up who’s looking,” he stated. Soon enough, he got his answer: “We will look into this but also need to wait a bit for us to see what Vanguard and their anti-cheat brings to the table.”

When will the RICOCHET anti-cheat be here?

The features of the anti-cheat will be here alongside the new Pacific map. The kernel-level driver will also make its appearance in the Warzone Pacific update. The update will be available on the 3rd of December.


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