Half-Life: Alyx to Be Available for PlayStation VR2

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Rumors fly high on the internet, and we got some news. It seems that Valve and Sony may have entered a partnership in order to bring Half-Life: Alyx to the upcoming VR2 headset.

PlayStation has announced VR2, together with Horizon Call of The Mountain – which will take place in the same universe as Horizon Zero Dawn. According to Sony, this game will be made specifically for PS VR2. However, we do not have a specific release date.

Of course, Horizon is one of the biggest exclusives on the PlayStation list, so there’s really no surprise that a dedicated VR game set is in development for it. But what should we expect?

Here is all we know so far about it

According to an insider, @Shpeshal_Nick, Sony and Valve have made a deal for Half-Life: Alyx on the PS VR2. Fans think this is a must, especially YouTuber @BenjiSales. Nick then stated that the anonymous source claimed that the deal was made specifically for this game. And it’s not unusual, since more and more PlayStation exclusive titles are getting a PC version. Triple-A titles are available on Steam – Death Stranding, Horizon Zero Dawn , and Days Gone – and God of War will soon join them.

Of course, Half-Life: Alyx on the PS VR2 is still some time away, as the deal has just been made, and there’s no clear release date. But rumor has it the headset will enter mass production in China in 2022, so we think that we will be able to enjoy the game sometime next year.

Half-Life: Alyx is a VR first-person shooter game with was developed and published by Valve. It was released back in 2020 for Linux and Windows, and it is compatible with most VR headsets.


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