Nintendo Direct: Will There Be a New Event in May?

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Fans think that Nintendo might have a new Direct event in May because an insider said some things that were hard to understand.

We are always looking forward to Nintendo Direct, which is one of the most anticipated events in the community. Nintendo hasn’t held an event in a while, and fans are already getting very impatient for the next one. It looks like it might happen sooner than you think.

Emily Rogers, who is a pretty trustworthy insider at Nintendo, recently left a very vague comment on the Famiboards forums. Emily asks if there are any fans of indie games out there.  Several users replied that they love these games and would love to play more soon. Even though most people didn’t notice, some were quick to think that Emily might have been hinting at an upcoming Nintendo Indie World showcase. Keep in mind that Emily didn’t say anything else, but because that was such a random comment, it’s possible that they were hinting at an Indie World showcase.

So, what is an Indie World showcase, exactly? Well, it’s a Nintendo Direct, but it only talks about indie games. We saw the last Indie World event in December, and since then, we haven’t heard anything else. That would mean that a new Indie World showcase is coming soon, which could be what this comment is getting at. Emily has told the truth about these things in the past, so we do believe her.

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational company that was founded back in 1889. They originally produced handmade playing cards, and now they are one of the biggest tech giants in the world.

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