It’s the End of the Road for Classic BlackBerry Phones

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The world of BlackBerry phones and tablets has seen its debut more than two decades ago. In 1999 at their launch, those devices impressed the world through their capabilities and unique design.

But you know what they say that everything must come to an end sooner or later. Unfortunately or not, it’s also the case for the classic BlackBerry phones. But hey, that’s ok! No disrespect intended at all for those little gadgets that wrote history! Perhaps after two decades from now, iPhones will also be obsolete and lose support from Apple. God knows what other exciting tech magic will emerge!

But as for the moment, it’s the end of the road for the classic BlackBerry phones. According to CNN, these devices won’t receive support from their manufacturer anymore in just a few days. But it may be a little comfortable for you knowing that not all BlackBerry devices are targeted by the maneuver.

BlackBerry gadgets running BlackBerry 10, 7.1 OS, and earlier will be done for the count

The measure only applies to those BlackBerry devices that run on certain versions of their operating system: 10, 7.1, and anything earlier. The devices affected by the move won’t even be good for calling 911 anymore. They also won’t be able to access the internet anymore, send text messages, and so on.

The TODAY publication unravels the news as follows, via its YouTube channel:

The classic BlackBerry device, once one of the most popular phones in the world with its signature keyboards, “will no longer reliably function” starting Tuesday, according to the company. Reporting for TODAY, NBC’s Kerry Sanders looks back at its history as a status symbol.

Without the intention to offend anybody, it doesn’t seem to exist a fair reason why people wouldn’t stop using classic BlackBerry phones in 2022. There are so many exciting smartphones out there to choose from, and they’re affordable for pretty much anyone.

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