Super Mario Goes LEGO Mode in “LEGO® Super Mario™ – Luigi’s Mansion™ Expansion Set” – Watch Video

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Surely any gamer nowadays prefers his games to look as realistic as possible. Whether he’s playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Switch, diving into gaming becomes more immersive once you feel as you’re really into that virtual world.

But many of the hardcore gamers from nowadays started their virtual journeys while controlling a funny little plumber with a mustache that loves mushrooms and hopes to save the princess from getting eaten by a dragon named Bowser. Or God knows what other terrible stuff that fiend would do to the poor princess!

That plumber’s name is Super Mario, and he has marked the childhood of many of us forever. The renowned character has already appeared in roughly 200 games, and he doesn’t seem like he wants to retire from the gaming world too soon. We’ve seen Super Mario running and catching mushrooms on pretty much all platforms, whether we’re talking about PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and so much more.

But besides video games, Super Mario has also been expressed by toys, cartoons, and even movies. LEGO® Super Mario™ – Luigi’s Mansion™ Expansion Set is one of those examples of Super Mario-related toys, and you definitely should watch the footage below:

As you might have guessed by now, this Mario game is certainly not for those who can’t sleep without hugging their teddy bear.

Here’s how Nintendo describes the game:

Turn family night into family fright night with LEGO® Super Mario™ Luigi’s Mansion™ Sets — out now! Defeat ghosts and discover hidden treasures in the hallways of the mysterious mansion. Dim the lights, cue the eerie music and start your adventure today!

Feel free to tell us about your own experiences regarding games and toys related to the famous little plumber! The comment section is available for everyone to leave their thoughts, whether they’re Super Mario fans or not!

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