All Peacemaker Episodes Will Have After Credit Scenes

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James Gunn, the writer, and producer of the Guardians of the Galaxy, has revealed that all episodes of the upcoming DC Extended Universe show Peacemaker would have an after-credit sequence. This eagerly anticipated show will follow the story of the DC Extended Universe’s most recent film, The Suicide Squad, that was likewise produced by James Gunn and premiered previously this year. As the headline indicates, this show will follow John Cena’s comeback as the mean version of Captain America following his deeds in the forthcoming film Christopher Smith, which will portray his role as a unique and engaging character with profound character growth.

In regards to the brutal fight with the character Bloodsport in the most recent DCEU film The Suicide Squad, the film’s after-credits sequence has shown that Peacemaker has survived the occurrences of Corto Maltese. The entire team, led by Amanda Waller and ARGUS (aka Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans), enlisted Peacemaker’s help in rescuing the world.  As of now, a slew of previews and videos have teased the squad’s exciting action in the new Peacemaker show.

After-credit scenes

The Marvel Universe and series like WandaVision can be highly applauded by being presented on TVs by 2021, despite the fact that after-credit moments have been a common sight for a long time. Nevertheless, it is fairly rare for all episodes to include a credit/special bonus, which gives Peacemaker a distinct flavor. As per Gunn, the show would continue on what he began with the Suicide Squad by looking at real-world issues through the eyes of a warped hero with significant Daddy’s issues.

Every episode. It’s my way to give you guys a little something special for watching the credits of our hardworking crew. #Peacemaker” explained James Gunn on his Twitter.

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