GTA Online: Easy Way to Unlock Hangar Doors

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In The Contract DLC, one of the Vehicle Recovery Security Contracts needs you to reclaim a vehicle that’s been stolen from a hangar. You need to find that vehicle and unlock the doors in order to get it.

But, as you probably already know, the instructions are quite vague, and opening the doors is not as easy as you’d think. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about opening those doors.

In order to open the hangar doors, you need to press a green button that’s placed on the concrete support. You should stand near the nose of the plane that’s inside the hangar, and then go to the right, towards the movable stairs. The switchboard is placed on the concrete support, that’s next to the stairs. You must press the button after you find it. Then, drive the vehicle to the marker which appears at these doors. After this is done, you need to bring the vehicle to the Agency. And then, the mission is done. After that, you’ll get your rewards and RP for completing the mission.

Players find it hard to locate the button for many reasons. There are no radar indications – even if it would be easier for everyone. So, naturally, it’s harder to find it.

Before starting the Dr. Dre missions – which are part of the main story , you need to play at least one of the existing Security Contracts. And this particular mission is not that easy. It gets a lot of people frustrated, and you can also get attacked after the hangar gates are down. And after you get out, you will be followed by four waves of enemies, with fully armed gang members and vehicles.

The mini-heists are great and quite fun, so make sure you get to enjoy them to their fullest.


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