Gohan and Piccolo’s New Forms in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Movie Are Not Canon

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Perhaps every Dragon Ball fan found out by now about the new transformations that both Gohan and Piccolo have in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie that came out this year. Piccolo wished for more power from Shenron, and the power level boost was possible thanks to some sort of upgrade made upon the Eternal Dragon. As for Gohan, he has reawakened some sort of dormant power. Yes… again!

Leaving aside the build-up of the two transformations that might not be as credible as they try to look, let’s face the facts: we have another Dragon Ball movie in 2022. Fact number two: no, the new transformations of Gohan and Piccolo are NOT canon to the manga version.

The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is just a ‘parallel’ story

ScreenRant.com reveals that the new transformations of Gohan and Piccolo from the Super Hero movie are non-canon when it comes to the manga version of Dragon Ball Super. The whole movie can be perceived as a ‘parallel’ story, which is great news for those who didn’t like it. You know, just like some sort of parallel universe. And Dragon Ball surely has parallel universes a lot in its plots. Let’s not forget when Trunks used his time machine to travel back and forth in time. He first did it to save the Z warriors from the androids back in the Cell Saga. He did it once again in the Goku Black arc of the Dragon Ball Super anime.

If it’s still not clear enough for you, check this out:


We can already expect new Dragon Ball-related content coming to the world after being written by Akira Toriyama himself. The writer has confirmed that he’s involved in new Dragon Ball projects, and what exactly he’s up to is anybody’s guess.



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