Genshin Impact: Lantern Rite Event Is Here

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Genshin Impact is a success, and we are always eager for new content. The next update of Genshin Impact will soon be here, and we’re curious to see what developers have prepared for us.

If you’re a player – and you probably are, as we all are – then you know that the game is continually updated. And over the past year, these updates have a lot of items, characters, quests, weapons and regions.

After the publisher’s name was changed from miHoYo to Cognosphere. Many believed that the game would be shut down. But that was not the case, they only did it in order to support more payment ways.

The 2.3 update was released just a few weeks ago, and we got to see Gorou and Itto. The beta for 2.4 update has also started and we’ve learned some interesting things about it.

The Lantern Rite event

We’re getting:

  • The Wondrous Shadows minigame
  • Waverider minigames
  • Mob camps in Guyun Stone Forest
  • Boss domain with a 3-head hydra
  • Smelting fireworks
  • The Afterglow market
  • 3★ ascension gem fragments
  • 3-4★ Liyue talent books
  • 9 furniture recipes
  • 6 special launchable fireworks
  • Hero’s Wit and Mora
  • Crown of Insight × 1

We’ve also learned about the Keqing and Ninnguang skins – you can get the latter if you complete the Lantern Rite events. You can get The Keqing with Genesis Crystals. The 4-star Liyue character can be purchased with 1000 Firework Coins & 1000 Hydra Boss Coins.

There is a little bit of confusion around the Zhongli banner rerun. It will probably come with the next update, but since miHoYo is known for changing things at the last moment, we should take everything with a grain of salt.


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