The Genshin Impact Publisher Has Changed: Is This the End?

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miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact, has changed the publisher of its title. And it’s quite surprising.

The game has become one of the biggest ones out there, with over 40 million players in such a short time. This game is available on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation, and they are working to make it available for us on Switch, as well.

The 2.3 update is here, and it came with plenty of things for us. The following banner will be released tomorrow, but that’s not why we’re excited. Fans have seen something very interesting, and we’d like to share it with you, as well.

Is Genshin Impact shutting down?

The publisher of Genshin Impact has changed its name from miHoYo to Cognosphere. So everyone is now wondering whether the game will be shut down or not. Some YouTubers have even started making videos about it, saying that the game will, indeed, shut down. But is this true?

The answer is no. The game won’t shut down. They changed the name because they’ve integrated various payment methods on EGS. miHoYo stated that: “with more entities engaged, the publisher of Genshin Impact on Epic Games Store has been updated to COGNOSPHERE PTE. LTD.” It’s something very common, everyone does it in order to bypass the restrictions of their country.

There are also other reasons why they made this decision. Besides trying to avoid possible restrictions from the Chinese government, they probably didn’t want to make an official announcement, in order to avoid conflict with the CCP. Also, the developers of the game will have more freedom when it comes to creating characters, so we think it’s a win-win situation.

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