Genshin Impact Leak: Learn Everything About the New Characters

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Genshin Impact fans are always eager to hear about the content updates planned for the game, and today we have some details about two of these updates. The game Genshin Impact has seen massive growth in the past year. Since its launch, the game has grown several fold in popularity, and developer miHoYo has made sure to capitalize on the buzz around their game by constantly adding new features for all users.

In recent days, we have seen the 2.3 Update going live in the game. The patch adds two new characters, Gorou and Itto, along with a plethora of other changes and updates. The update also makes way for a new region in the game. Many of these details surfaced before the related characters were officially unveiled. We have all the details you need to know.

New characters’ abilities

Dimbreath, a well-known member of the Genshin Impact community, has been leaking information for a while now. But Dimbreath took a long hiatus from leaking for unknown reasons. Dimbreath suddenly returned and leaked some new information.

First, here are the details about Yae’s E. It will spawn three towers, which will last for 20 seconds. The towers’ attacks will deal additional damage, and when Yae activates her Q ability, the towers will explode.

Hydro character, Ayato is a character that reduces the cooldown of team members’ E, which might be a nice addition for many players.

Finally, the game has a new character being introduced to the story by Dimbreath, currently going by the name of Heizou. Nothing much is known about him asides from this fact that he is a detective hired by the Tenryou Commission, as well as a relative of Kano Nano. It remains unknown at the moment whethers players will be able to play as Heizou or he is an NPC.

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