Super Console X – Is it Worth Buying?

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This retro game console can emulate most people’s favorite retro video games, making it a must-have for many.

The newly released Super Console X shows that there is, indeed a demand for high performing but accessible consoles.

At the same time, since it comes from China, some may still look down on such a device but in reality, most of their retro handhelds are really popular and the newer ones are only getting better!

That being said, the Super Console X was the latest release, being dropped only months ago.

Despite it being such a novel item, the price is rather low, undoubtedly making it worth your investment.

Some of the best features this console offers are the plug and play design, the easy menu, as well as the thousands of pre-loaded games!

Not to mention that every single button is mapped correctly, allowing players to just turn it on and start playing without the need to change things.

When you order this item, you get the console itself, an HDMI cable, a power adapter and two wireless controllers.

Speaking of, the controllers are unfortunately not the best quality so keep that in mind.

The thin, cheap plastic and the loose buttons pale in comparison to the value the Super Console X actually offers game fans.

Not only do the controllers look more like toys than anything but they also require two AAA batteries, which are not included in the package so you’d have to go out of your way to power them in the beginning.

At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that the materials used to build the console as well as the design are nothing special either but all that comes with the territory when you order such a cheap electronic device.

It looks like a SNES Mini, which might be appealing to some, but it’s really light and seemingly flimsy while you hold it.

The only button on the Super Console X is there to turn it on and off and can be found on the back.

This means that the SNES features you can see on the front are only there for decoration, having no actual function.

The back is where the Ethernet port, AV out, DC in, and HDMI port can be found as well.

The SD card slot and two USB ports (meant to connect the controllers) are on the right hand side.

On the back you can also see small grips that will keep the console from slipping off the desk and the ventilation that thankfully, does keep the console from getting too hot, in spite of the placement.

The good news is that you can upgrade the device by simply using other controllers you already own, or by purchasing new ones, which is greatly recommended if you want the best experience using this console.

The Super Console X also runs on a reliable and easy to use piece of software known as EMUELEC, listing all your favorite retro games in a rather clean library so you can access them all without a hassle whenever you feel like playing them.

Even better, the thousands of preloaded games are listed in alphabetical order, each game features box art as well as screenshots of info about it such as the genre, publisher and release date.

As for the settings, the console allows users to save and load games, change the resolution, map keys, add their own box art, change the borders and more!

All of this makes the Super Console X an easy to navigate device you can trust will not stress you out with overly complicated menus or hard to navigate game lists.

Despite its basic specs, it also performs impressively, running all kinds of retro games without a problem.

The frame rates are totally fine too and there is no freezing to worry about either when playing smaller games.

Frame rates may, however, drop a little while running large Dreamcast games, but the changes are so subtle that they will definitely not ruin your gaming experience in any way, being only slightly less smooth than on N64, PS1 or other retro consoles.

All in all, the Super Console X gets a thumbs up, being an unexpected positive surprise in spite of all its imperfections.

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